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Cécile Mirande Broucas
Do you have time to
Morgan Paslier
Cécile Mirande Broucas
Extrusion 02879
Morgan Paslier
Jeux d'été
Cécile Mirande Broucas
Extrusion 03200
Morgan Paslier
New York Délires
Cécile Mirande Broucas
Extrusion 14-491-01
Morgan Paslier
Cécile Mirande Broucas
Extrusion 20-718
Morgan Paslier
‘20 years of Vanksen
2021 saw us celebrate 20 years of existence. 20 years of boldness and untamable curiosity for anything digital. This year 2022 represents the beginning of a new chapter for Vanksen. To get on with the next two decades, we wanted to stay true to our roots, stay true to our desire to innovate, to explore and to see far in the future. Now is time to say "See you in 20 years" for the sequel of the Vanksen Odyssey.
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Cécile Mirande Broucas

Cécile Mirande-Broucas is fully devoted to illustration since 2018 but used to be active in the media and press industry. Her art is characterized by its simplicity and its sleek lines and shapes. The dynamic, tense compositions and the vivid colors planes always bring movement, life and action.

Morgan Paslier

Morgan Paslier plays with matter and textures. As a genuine digital craftsman, he himself calls his art “photographism”, between photography and graphism. Aside from his colorful and very recognizable work, Morgan is always a very meticulous photographer who takes all the necessary time to accurately edit all the details of his fully saturated digital montages.

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